Resilient Gwent

Challenging hate speech and radical ideologies by promoting shared


Our Resilient Gwent initiative aims to strengthen community relations between the people of Newport, South Wales by challenging hate speech and radical ideologies.


We work on projects that raise awareness of our shared values and shared citizenship. We also support community projects that work towards strengthening community relations.




Who are we?

We are a small, friendly, non-profit organisation based in the city of Newport.

What makes us different?

As well as celebrating the differences between faiths and beliefs in the community, we challenge hate speech by focusing on our shared values and the similarities we all have.

What do we do?

We offer workshops that address concerns regarding the teaching of the RVE (Religion, Values and Ethics) curriculum. 

We also work in partnership and support volunteers from the faith and belief community in their Harmony Project. The community volunteers who led and deliver the project promote peace and harmony in schools and the wider community. This offers the community an opportunity to learn about different worldviews in a safe and respectful way. 

What don’t we do?

Our staff and the community volunteers are not teachers or teacher trained. Therefore, we do not teach religion or belief or compromise the RVE (Religion, Values and Ethics) curriculum in any way. 

The services offered by the Harmony Project are to be used as a complimentary addition to teaching the RVE curriculum and not as a replacement for teaching it.

What’s the cost?

Our services are free.

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