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The OLF is inspired and guided by the belief that humans are one family, sharing one home – earth, and its natural resources to survive. We believe that happiness resides in interacting upon morality and bonding with love.

Who Are We?

The OLF is a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) established as a think tank that explores the values shared by people to invest them on initiatives that improve community relations or social cohesion, promote national and global citizenship, encourage environmental sustainability, and challenge barriers to social and environmental harmony.
Therefore, the grand objective of the OLF is to achieve social and environmental sustainability by advancing the role of viable civil societies in: 1- establishing the threshold of moral responsibility by preserving the rights of people (including dignity of the dead and welfare of future generations) and the wellbeing of nature; 2- improving quality interaction between people upon their shared moral values with one another and with nature to achieve social and environmental harmony.

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To achieve our objectives, the OLF invites national and global collaboration. Our plan is to empower interfaith communities and the rest of society to get together upon humanity and their shared values

The aim of the OLF Wales Conferences was to document interfaith shared values about One Humanity, Morality, and Home – Earth and our Shared Citizenship on grounds of our Shared Values. Faith leaders fully agreed on their shared values and they issued and signed the Conference Declaration.

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